QT: Treat Every Event Like it is Going to Be Your Last Race

The running community and the Diz Runs family lost one of the good ones this week when Stephen Lee passed away unexpectedly.

Rest Well, My Friend…

Stephen was a friend to me and to many in the online running community, and he will certainly be missed. Read more

Stephen Lee Trying Not to Get Wet

Stephen Lee Continues to Test His Own Limits, With No End in Sight

Today on the show I’m running with one of the people who has been listening to the show basically since its inception, Mr Stephen Lee.

Stephen Lee Trying Not to Get Wet

Stephen Lee Trying Not to Get Wet

I feel like I’ve really gotten to know Stephen well in the past couple of years as he’s been an active member of the Facebook group and hosting a couple of podcasts that I’ve listened to as well.

So to say that this conversation was overdue would be an understatement.  Read more

Lessons I Learned After My First Marathon-A Guest Post

Earlier this week, one of the members of our Facebook “Tribe” shared some of his thoughts after completing his first marathon recently.

I loved his post, and asked him if I could share it here, because I think there are plenty of valuable takeaways for anyone running their first half or full marathon.

So, here are Stephen’s takeaways after his first foray into the land of 26.2.

First Marathon Read more