Maggie Guterl

Maggie Guterl is Searching for Her Limits Off the Beaten Path

Today I’m catching up with elite ultra runner Maggie Guterl, a previous guest on the show.

Maggie Guterl

Maggie Guterl at Western States
?: Paul Nelson

Since last talking in 2015 she has run Western States and has earned multiple podium finishes in various races. Challenges are nothing new to Maggie and she shares her race plans for 2018 and beyond.

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Tonia Smith has survived pancreatic cancer and continues running ultra marathons!

Tonia Smith on Cancer, Survival, and Running Through It All

When Tonia Smith finished her first 100 miler in 2013, she was elated. When she won a 100k ultra marathon later that year, she was having arguably the best year of running in her life.

Tonia Smith shares her story of surviving pancreatic cancer and the roll that running plays in her life.

Tonia Smith, at her 100 Miler

And then she learned that she had pancreatic cancer a few weeks later.

While she could have crumbled after being blindsided by this diagnosis, she did what any good ultra marathoner would do, she simply just kept going. During her treatments, she stayed as active as possible and set a goal of running a 50 miler less than a year after her cancer diagnosis, and she did. Read more