The 7 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Runners

With Valentine’s Day less than a week away, if you haven’t thought about what to get your special someone yet you’d better get on it!

If you’re spouse/partner/significant other happens to be a runner, why not get them something for Valentine’s Day that they will appreciate, a gift that blurs the line between running and romance.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Runners

Not sure what to to give? Here are 7 of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for runners that are sure to excite, in more ways than one.

Dark Chocolate—Skip the sorry Russel Stover heart shaped box of chocolates, and pick up a bar of nice dark chocolate. Chocolate on Valentine’s Day is fine, but go with the darker version of this ancient aphrodisiac to get all of the flavonoids without the heaps of sugar.

Road ID—A Road ID may not sound sexy, but it does count as jewelry. If you’re runner doesn’t have a Road ID, he/she needs one in case something were to happen while out for a run. You can put a little love note on the Road ID for your Valentine with one of their Valentine’s Day badges.

Massage—You can go a number of ways with this one. You can get your runner a gift certificate for a massage, or maybe book a couple’s massage at the spa. You can get your runner a self-massager, like the stick or a foam roller. Or you can go with the best option, and that’s to give a gift certificate for a massage from you. Word to the wise, spending a lot of time on the glutes makes perfect sense when you’re working on a runner. Just saying…

Lube—No, not that kind of lube (though that might come in handy later), but every runner can use some body glide, skin lube, or vaseline from time to time.

Pedicure—This is another one you can either farm out to the pros, or suck up and do for your runner. The pros might do a better job with the calluses and excess skin, but you might get an immediate pay back if you do it yourself.

Bubble Bath/Bath Crystals—While an ice bath is a good thing for a runner, a warm soak in the tub isn’t half bad either. Draw a hot bath, add some crystals or bubbles, and let the rest of the evening go where it may.

Red Wine—There is no question that a glass of red wine has a lot of health benefits. And there is little question that a couple of glasses can lead to other things, as well.

***Editor’s Note—For best results, combine 2 or more of these ideas for a Valentine’s Day gift any runners is sure to love!

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