A New Kind of Training Group for Runners: The Coterie

I’ve had a lot of people ask me about coaching, and specifically asking if I offer a group coaching program.

I’ve said before, and I still believe, that I don’t like the idea of a one-size-fits-all training plan. And that belief has been a reason that I’ve avoided the idea of a group training program.

But I think I’ve cracked the code.

I’m proud to announce the Coterie to you today.

You can click the video above for some more of the lowdown, but here are a few of the highlights:

  • Individualized Training Schedule: Each member will have their own training plan/schedule created by me for your specific goals. Whether you’re training for a race, maintaining between races, have been struggling with injuries, or any other circumstance, your workouts will be designed to keep you on track and steadily improving.
  • A Monthly Strength Training Routine: Too many runners (myself included) fail to do as much strength training as they should, or don’t train in a way that has specific benefits for runners. I’ll create a the skeleton of a strength training program each month for every member of the Coterie to use as a guide to make sure they are working the right muscles on a regular basis to shore up weak areas that can develop due to running.
  • Access to All of My Video Courses: So far, this is only one course. But as I keep creating more video courses you’ll get access to them as well.
  • Monthly Webinar: The will only be open to members of the Coterie, and in the webinars we will be talking about a topic that’s either a “current event” type of deal, something many members are struggling with, or anything else that seems relevant. In addition to these deep dives into the topic of the day, I’ll also be taking any and all questions from those that are on the webinar. It’ll be like having a one-on-one coaching call without the expense.
  • Private Facebook Group: Members will have the option to join a private Facebook group where we can all get to know each other better, hold each other accountable, motivate our teammates, and share information between members.
  • Much More!: The Coterie will be steadily evolving and improving based on feedback from members.

Still undecided on the cost, but looking at something in the neighborhood of $50-60 per month, and probably offering some savings for committing on a longer period of time.

The Coterie

The Coterie

So that’s the Coterie in a nutshell, at least at this point.

Like I said, the evolution of the group and what is offered will continue to evolve, and if you’d like to stay up to date with the evolutions please click here and enter your email address for updates.

I’m probably going to do a soft launch at the end of August/first of September, and will only be opening the doors for a very small number of members to help me work out any kinks.

There also may be a special price for those that are in the group as part of the launch, so if you’re interested in hearing more and finding out when the program opens, head to dizruns.com/coterie and sign up for updates.

What Things Would You Like to See Included In a Coaching Program Like the Coterie?

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