Traci Falbo Got a Late Start in the Ultra Game, But She’s Making Up for Lost Time!

Traci Falbo is one of the best ultra distance runners in the world.

Traci Falbo

Traci Falbo

There. I said it.

And in typical ultra runner fashion, Traci enjoys the 100 mile distance because “it’s long enough but it’s not too long”.

I’m sorry, but that is some sort of crazy runner logic that I simply can’t get behind!

Not Your Typical Running History

Traci is a great runner, there is no question about that, but she didn’t exactly follow the career path that I would have guessed before I talked to her.

She ran competitively in high school and college, but in her words she wasn’t very good.

After college, she basically stopped running, got married, had kids, etc., and eventually she decided to get back into running to try and improve her health.

It didn’t take long before she was hooked!

She started running and racing as often as she could, and the more she ran the faster she became.

Once she dipped her toe into the ultra waters, and she realized she could be competitive at the longer distances, she focused on going long and things really took off.

Lessons Learned Along the Way

As she transitioned from running mostly marathons to focusing on ultras, Traci definitely learned a few things.

During her peak marathon running years, Traci was running 20-25 marathons per year. Once she started running ultras, she learned she had to back off of her racing schedule and really listen to her body when it comes to giving herself enough time to recover after a race.

Traci has also had to learn how to fuel herself appropriately during a race. During a marathon, you can get away with some fueling/hydration mistakes but during a long ultra there is no option. You have to fuel regularly, and fuel with the right things, and Traci has had to figure out what works for her in those situations.

Being a Part of Team USA

Traci Falbo in the Red, White & Blue

Traci Falbo in the Red, White & Blue

Traci has been able to be a part of Team USA for two 24-hour world championships, and she absolutely loved those experiences.

Winning a couple of gold medals probably helps as well!

Traci is looking forward to being a part of running for Team USA at the 2017 World Championships as well, but next year she will be facing a bit of a dilemma.

In 2017, the World Championships and Western States are basically being run on the same weekend, and for the first time ever someone in the lottery is hoping that her name will not be pulled so she won’t have to make the impossible decision of saying no to either the World Championships or to Western States.

Amazing Places to Run

Traci has been fortunate enough to run in a lot of beautiful places around the country and around the world.


Earlier this year she traveled to South Africa to run Comrades, and absolutely loved it!

In addition to the race, Traci and her husband made a real vacation of the trip and visited as many places as they could in that part of the world.

But really, any chance Traci gets to run a race in a new part of the world is a good place to run!

Representing #TeamUSA is always an honor for @falbotraci. #runchat #ultrachat #running Share on X

I also want to take a moment to recognize Traci’s sponsors. Members of the Team USA 24 Hour team are not fully funded by Team USA, and the following sponsors help to make it possible for Traci to represent our country and the World Championships.

Altra Running, Nathan Sports, Hammer Nutrition, Running Skirts, Drymax Socks, and Sundog Eyewear

If you want to keep tabs on Traci and hear about the races she’s participating in, be sure to check out her website and connect with her on Twitter and/or Instagram.

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