Deb Westergaard Found Inspiration in Living Through Every Runner’s Nightmare

Today’s guest is someone that has lived through what, for many of us, may be our worst running nightmare: being hit by a car while out on a run.

Deb Westergaard, Out on the Trails

The fallout from the whole incident inspired her to change directions professionally with a goal of helping others.

Deb Westergaard and I will go a few easy miles as she shares how a negative situation became her source of motivation.

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Sam Gardner

Sam Gardner Used Her Traumatic Experience To Propel Herself Forward

Today I am going a few easy miles with Sam Gardner.

Sam Gardner

Sam Gardner

Sam has experienced some epic high and low moments in her life with running being a central theme in both circumstances.

Running has been in her life for 10 years and has helped to shape the person she has become.

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Diz Runs With… Nic Welch

On today’s episode of the Diz Runs With podcast, I’m joined by Nic Welch. Nic has done a little bit of everything in her day, from running in college to hosting her own podcast to doing mission work in Honduras, and we talked about all of that and more. Read more