Are Runners Stupid?

QT: Suggestions to Help Avoid Overtraining/Under Recovery

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So, is overtraining a thing or no?

Are Runners Stupid?

After last week’s QT talking about whether overtraining or under recovery is the actual problem, I want to get into some ways to avoid overtraining/under recovery.

Because whatever we ultimately call it, it is a thing that we’d rather not have to deal with. Read more

Deb Bahr Is Proof That Staying Active Will Enhance Your Life

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My guest today started running a bit later in life than most.

She recently finished her second GVRAT, which is all the proof needed that she’s still going strong at 70 years young.

I am looking forward to going a few easy miles with Deb Bahr today!

Deb Bahr

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QT: Is Overtraining a Real Thing or a Myth?

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There’s an adage I’ve heard several times in running circles that says it’s better to be undertrained than overtrained on race day.

I’ve always agreed with this philosophy, and have tried to err on the side of caution when putting training plans together for myself and for the runners I coach.

But recently I’ve started to hear a lot of people talking about overtraining as something that isn’t really a thing.

And I think I agree with their logic… Read more

Becky Croft Is Sharing How Women Athletes Can Thrive Long-Term

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My guest is someone that I recently connected with on social media.

She’s a running coach who specializes in working with masters’ athletes and also created a fitness-based product brand.

I am looking forward to going a few easy miles with Becky Croft today!

Becky Croft

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QT: How to Train Your Dog to Run with You

A couple of months ago, our family added a new member.

Meet Luna.

We weren’t necessarily in the market for another pointer, but here we are. Read more