QT: Some Rules are Meant to Be Broken, Especially the Dumb Ones

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How do you feel about rules?

Strict rule follower? Rules are meant to be broken?

Somewhere in the middle?

I’m not opposed to following the rules, provided said rules actually make sense.

I’m also not opposed to breaking the rules, especially when said rule is pointless. Read more

QT: It’s Ok to Take a Little Break from Running

For a lot of runners, the idea of willingly taking a break from running is a non-starter.

At least I assume it is, because I’m one of those runners.

Guilty as Charged

But for some of us? Voluntarily taking a running break could be the best thing you can do for yourself.

And if you’re struggling to do so, I’m here to tell you it’s ok to take a little break from running. Read more

Bad Running Habits You Should Let Go of Like an Old Flame (w/ Video)

Whether you want to admit it or not, if you’re a runner you’re a creature of habit.

We all are.

Once we figure out what works for us on race day, and we do everything we can to avoid deviating from our script.

For me personally, I’ve found that what works for me for longer races is getting up early enough to eat a legitimate breakfast before my race.

And no, a legitimate breakfast isn’t a half of a bagel with a schmear of peanut butter and banana slices on it.

Big Breakfast in Post on Bad Running Habits

That’s a Good Start…

In my world, a legitimate breakfast is 3-4 eggs, preferably fried but scrambled/omelet works in a pinch, with home fries and grits.

And coffee. Lots of coffee.

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Taking a Break from Running

Quick Tip: Taking a Break

If you’ve been running regularly for most of the year, you might be in desperate need of a break.

Taking a Break from Running

Taking a Break from Running

When it comes to taking a break from running, how do you know how much is good for you and how much is too much?

That’s a good question.

Somewhere a while back, I heard this rule of thumb about breaks, and I thought I’d share it as the final Quick Tip of 2015.

Because you see, I’m taking a bit of break during the next two weeks and only releasing posts/shows on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday for the rest of the year. But don’t worry, I’ll be back to normal the first week of 2016!

The Rule of Thumb About Taking a Break

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